It is our goal at Veritas Academy to satisfy our distinctly classical, college-preparatory academic agenda with rigorous and relevant curricula. We solidify our curricular choices by evaluating them using the following criteria:

  • Academic validity, accuracy, and excellence as supported by the classical approach to education
  • Firm grounding in Biblical absolutes to allow ease of Biblical integration throughout all course materials
  • Parent-friendly, teacher-directed lessons with a secondary component of experiential, hands-on activities as a means to solidify previously imparted knowledge

Classical education expects more from its students than a basic mastery of a set of subjects.  It holds firm to the traditions of Western culture in viewing all subjects as inextricably linked, each in its way expressing some fundamental truth about God and the universe He created.  As characterized by the grammar stage of classical education, Veritas Academy emphasizes the accumulation of basic facts through the use of authentic literature and resources within the chronological progression of historical time periods.
Language Arts

Our language arts program is divided into three main components: reading, spelling/writing, and grammar.  Early reading instruction is phonics-based and is paired with beginning handwriting, spelling, and grammar.  The introduction of quality literature is soon to follow along with the modeling of foundational grammar and writing techniques through various examples and activities. Some of the Language Arts curricula we use include:

   * School of Grammar (K-6): Phonics Museum, Dr. Askew's Grammar, Institute for Excellence in Writing
   * School of Logic (7-8): Institute for Excellence in Writing, Fix It Grammar, Veritas Press Omnibus
   * School of Rhetoric (9-12): Fix It Grammar, The Rhetoric Companion, Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student


Early, concrete math instruction is foundational for any further inquiry into the abstract areas of algebra, trigonometry, or calculus.  Saxon math is a system that has been trusted by schools for years to lay such a strong, secure foundation.  Its use of parent-friendly, scripted lessons and emphasis on memorization of facts and concepts allows it to fit perfectly into our classical, UMS model of instruction.  It also offers a variety of manipulatives and hands-on activities to help solidify these early math concepts.
History is the framework that gives shape to the classical philosophy of education.  All other subject content is organized around the chronological study of historical time periods.  At Veritas Academy, students study history in three cycles. In the School of Grammar, students learn 32 events each year (2nd-5th grade) from creation to the present.  The focus in theses years is the meorization of the timeline through songs that include the events and dates.  In the Schools of Logic and Rhetoric history, literature and theology are integrated into one discussion-based class in which the students cover the scope of history two more times with a focus on reading through the primary texts and classics of literature and theology.   Some of the History curricula we use include:

   * School of Grammar: Veritas Press History Cards, Story of the World
   * School of Logic: Western Civilization by Jackson Spielvogel, Veritas Press Omnibus I-III
   * School of Rhetoric: Western Civilization by Jackson Spielvogel, Veritas Press Omnibus IV-VI

Veritas offers the following enrichment courses in grades K-6: Art, Music and Spanish.

It is the intent of Veritas Academy offers various extracurricular activities that occur outside of the regular school hours, including:

   * Competitive team sports for high school (S.A.A.A.) and middle school (T.I.A.L.)
  Click HERE for a copy of the Athletic Handbook
   * Special interest clubs (e.g. Chess Club, Girls on the Run, Latin Club)
   * Other enrichment activities (e.g. hand bells, tennis, ballet)

If you or anyone you know is interested in contributing to the start-up of any such activities, please contact us.

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History, Literature and Theology
At Veritas, our School of Grammar students attend a full day of science classes and workshops one Monday per month.  It equals the same amount of class time as they would attend in a month, but having a full day allows adequate time for all of the learning and hands-on projects.  Our School of Logic and School of Rhetoric students have science class every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and use the Apologia text book series.