School of Rhetoric
Grades 9-12 are some of the most important formative years in a child's life. Children tend to solidify their belief system amidst the struggle with incorporating the foundational principles that they have learned previously with the present realities of a Godless world. At Veritas, we seek to assist parents in training up children in the way that they should go so that when they are old, they WILL NOT depart from it. As such the Rhetoric phase of life at Veritas seeks to focus on the following ideals:

1. Loving the Lord with ALL your heart, mind, soul and strength
2. Loving your neighbor as yourself
3. Humility
4. The fear of the Lord
5. Owning one's faith
6. Defending one's faith
7. Learning to think with Godly wisdom

The School of Rhetoric is the culmination of the trivium.  In the Rhetoric Stage, students take all they have learned in the Grammar and Logic Stages and learn how to present themselves in a wise and winsome manner.  The emphases of all classes in the Rhetoric Stage are writing and speaking well.  In addition to the classes listed below we offer various fine arts courses.

9th Grade:
  • Geometry
  • Rhetoric I - Apologetics (1st semester), Writing (2nd semester)
  • Western Civilization III (a great books course) - The Modern World I
  • Latin 9
  • Advanced Biology
10th Grade:
  • Algebra II
  • Rhetoric II - Classical Rhetoric
  • Western Civilization IV - The Ancient World II
  • Latin 10
  • Introductory Physics and Introductory Chemistry

11th Grade:
  • Trigonometry
  • Rhetoric III - Rhetoric in the Modern World/Speech and Debate
  • Western Civilization V - The Middle Ages to the Reformation II
  • Latin 11
  • Advanced Chemistry

12th Grade:
  • Calculus or Statistics
  • Rhetoric IV - Senior Thesis
  • Western Civilization - The Modern World II
  • Latin 12
  • Physics or Anatomy/Physiology

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