Admissions Policies
Veritas Academy of Tucson makes individual courses available for parents to select for their children upon admission.  Each student who completes on-campus courses will have a transcript on file with the school. A copy of this transcript will be made available to the student's parents upon request.  

Veritas Academy of Tucson is only accountable for courses selected and administered on campus.  Any course instruction received at other schools or instruction provided through home education is the responsibility of the parent.  Students may apply for transfer credit for courses taken through an outside source. Credits may be granted if they are in accordance with our school’s credit-transfer policies.


Veritas Academy of Tucson is a University-Model Christian school whose mission includes a vital spiritual element. Both parent involvement and student cooperation are essential ingredients to the school's successful fulfillment of its mission. Therefore, as a condition of acceptance, all parents applying for admission must be in agreement with the school's doctrinal position. 

To facilitate the acceptance of those students appropriately suited for a university-model format we have compiled a set of parent and student guidelines.  Those guidelines are as follows:

Parent Guidelines:

A.  Parents must be willing to provide the school with a completed application packet for each      child applying for admission.

B.  Parents must be in agreement with, and supportive of, the school's procedures for                  handling student discipline.

C.  Parents must be willing to provide continually updated immunization records for each             child.   Parents who wish to request an exemption must complete and submit the
    Request for Exemption to Immunization.

D.  Parents must acknowledge that each child has reviewed the “Code of Conduct” and                “Dress Code Policy” and is willing to abide by those policies.

E.  Parents must be willing to sign a statement indicating that:
  • They are in agreement with the school's purpose and spiritual objectives, and be willing to abide by the school's rules and regulations.
  • They are committed to the responsibility of providing a quality, Christian education for their children in accordance with existing law.
  • They accept primary responsibility for their children’s behavior at school and student supervision at home.
  • They will become familiar with and consult the policies of the school as published in the current parent/teacher manual and other official means of communication.

F. Parents must be willing to use a Christian Conciliation Service if ever necessary.

Student Guidelines:

A.  Students must be willing to adhere to the "Student Code of Conduct."

B.  Students must be willing to adhere to the "Dress Code Policy."
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