Tuition & Fees
Tuition & Fees

K - 6:      

7 - 12:       

Application Fee:     $100 per child 
(Non refundable, due with application for 1st year students only)

RETURNING STUDENTS          Annual Registration fee included in tuition


  • One Payment Plan:Due Aug 1
  • Two Payment Plan:Half due July 1 & Half due January 1
  • Ten Month Plan:     First payment due Aug 1, then  each month thereafter                                               through May.  (Divide your child's tuition by 10 to get
                                             the monthly payment amount)

All payments are due by the first of the month and become delinquent after the 10th, at which time 5% of the balance due will be assessed as a late fee. If payments are delinquent by 15 days, a reminder letter will be sent to the family. If payments become delinquent by 60 days, the student will not be permitted to return to school until the balance is brought current.


If it becomes necessary to withdraw your child, you will be charged on the following basis:

* Veritas Academy of Tucson is eligible for the Arizona State Tuition Tax Credits through ACSTO, IBE or Arizona Tuition Connection.  For more information, visit the Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization (ACSTO), the Institue For Better Education (IBE) or the Arizona Tuition Connection.

1st Semester

Prior to July 1
Between July 1 – Sept. 1
After Sep. 1
2nd Semester

Prior to Jan. 1
Between Jan. 1 – Feb. 1
After Feb. 1
Amount Due

0% due
20% of Semester Tuition Due
No Refund of Semester Tuition
Multiple Student Discount

Veritas offers a multiple student discount for  those families with three or more students in attendance. This discount is not available to families who receive "scholarship" monies for their full tuition. It is available to families that self pay and/or rely on tuition tax credits for payments.

25% off of 3rd child's tuition

50% off of 4th child's tuition

75% off of tuition for any children after the 4th

Veritas Academy of Tucson is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization.
$4,812 (per child per year)

$6,482  (per child per year)

Individual Course Selection & Pricing
Available for school of Rhetoric

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