To Protect or to Empower?

To Protect or to Empower? Have you ever stopped to ask, “Why did God entrust me with my child(ren)?” We know in our heads that we are just stewards of our kids, we only get to train them for a short time, etc., etc. But what is the point of our stewardship? For some of […]

Are You Haters?

“Are you haters? Do you train your students to be haters?” the young millennial asked after having read our Statement of Faith and the Veritas Position on Marriage, Gender and Sexuality. I would have laughed except I realized that this was a very serious question from a person who really liked our school, but needed to […]

The Best Laid Plans…

After securing an untold number of subs over my five years as HOS, yesterday was my turn to need one for my Sunday school class at Christ Community Church. Of course, as I was planning my Fall Break trip weeks ago, I thought, “I won’t need a sub for Sunday, Oct. 16, I have plenty […]