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God Esteem vs Self Esteem

God Esteem vs Self Esteem — debunking a cultural icon. I am old enough to remember that we suddenly shifted education and parenting over from loving and teaching kids well to affirming and building up a child’s self esteem. The idea was that children did not succeed because they had low self esteem. If they […]

A Break for Thanksgiving!

If my G&C 700 class is any measure for the rest of the students in the school, then our students are excited for Thanksgiving Break. First on the list — no homework! Next is family. Food is not too far down the list. May I recommend that we cultivate another highlight for the week? Since […]

Are You Haters?

“Are you haters? Do you train your students to be haters?” the young millennial asked after having read our Statement of Faith and the Veritas Position on Marriage, Gender and Sexuality. I would have laughed except I realized that this was a very serious question from a person who really liked our school, but needed to […]

The Best Laid Plans…

After securing an untold number of subs over my five years as HOS, yesterday was my turn to need one for my Sunday school class at Christ Community Church. Of course, as I was planning my Fall Break trip weeks ago, I thought, “I won’t need a sub for Sunday, Oct. 16, I have plenty […]

How’s Everything Going?

I always felt that was a loaded question when I was a senior pastor or the Head of School. Since one of the primary parts of my job was to stay on top of and fix problems, my brain would sometimes be focused on the negative. How’s “everything” going usually awakened in my consciousness the […]

Taste & See

“Taste and see that the Lord is good,” is the encouragement we receive in Psalms 34:8. Here and elsewhere, God invites us to Himself. He wants us to know Him directly and to grow in our experience of His goodness. Many of us have grown in our knowledge of God, our knowledge of His attributes, […]

A Common Lack in Our Time

Last week a prominent critic of our current culture was bemoaning the fact that we overvalue knowledge and undervalue wisdom. He thought that our access to knowledge was at our fingertips, literally, with our smartphones and laptops. However, wisdom is very rare. The Bible also highly values wisdom and considers it rare. One place that […]

Enjoy the Fruit!

It is harvest time; the time when we can see the results of all the hard work that all of you have done, students and parents alike. This is especially true for the senior families! Last night we saw this in full at the Baccalaureate Service. (A worship service to give thanks for and celebrate […]

It’s not about you.

As you are reading this, I am likely in Phoenix celebrating with my oldest son, Luke. He is graduating from medical school today and was chosen by his classmates to be the commencement speaker. He got his first choice of residency programs in Emergency Medicine and he will be heading off to Burlington, Vermont at […]


As many of you are aware, I was recently hospitalized as a last-ditch effort to get rid of my 8-week left side headache. (Thank you so much for your prayers, by the way. It meant so much knowing that the Veritas community was lifting me up to our heavenly Father.) I’ve been reflecting on the […]

Rounding the Last Lap

Closing in on the final 5 1/2 weeks of school! That’s hard to believe isn’t it. Depending on what grade level your children are in, they are facing smooth sailing to a good finish, a steep climb with some big challenges, or a steady run to the finish line. The smooth sailing group have been faithful, […]

Not Smart, but Heart

Why did you choose a classical education? Was it your goal that your child would graduate with super high academics and outstanding college entrance test scores? These can be dangerous goals. This can backfire and produce proud people, those who think they are better than others and look down on others.  I was reminded of […]

Valentine’s Day

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write about love on Valentine’s Day. While my husband has always called February 14th a “Hallmark Holiday,” there are actually some ties to Christianity and Valentine’s Day. (Personally, I think he just doesn’t want anyone to tell him he must buy his wife flowers or chocolate on a […]

Perseverance In Our Children

I recently came across an article which stated that children’s intelligence is not the greatest predictor of their future success; it is their perseverance, or “grit.” It is not too soon to help foster perseverance in your children! There are many Bible verses that refer to perseverance. Romans 5:2-5 says, “Through Him we have also […]

Prayer that Works

When my 9-year-old granddaughter Ainsleigh heard that Aunt Kathy was not expected to live, she came to her mother Hope and asked, “I want to talk to you, but not as my mother. I want to talk to you as a Christian. I have a serious question.” Hope held her breath and encouraged her to […]

Wisdom from Mayberry

Over a long break, it is interesting what one might run across on TV. My wife told me this part from the Andy Griffiths Show: When a hobo told Andy he should just let Opie “decide for himself” how he wanted to live… He had these words of Mayberry wisdom. “No, I’m afraid it don’t […]

I’m Sorry

“I’m sorry that you feel that way.” “I’m sorry, but I just get so angry when you say you don’t understand me.” “I’m sorry I snapped at you earlier today. You did not deserve that. Will you forgive me?” All three of these statements include the words I’m sorry. Which one of them is a […]