God Esteem vs Self Esteem

God Esteem vs Self Esteem — debunking a cultural icon. I am old enough to remember that we suddenly shifted education and parenting over from loving and teaching kids well to affirming and building up a child’s self esteem. The idea was that children did not succeed because they had low self esteem. If they […]

A Break for Thanksgiving!

If my G&C 700 class is any measure for the rest of the students in the school, then our students are excited for Thanksgiving Break. First on the list — no homework! Next is family. Food is not too far down the list. May I recommend that we cultivate another highlight for the week? Since […]

The Christian Bubble Is Not Bulletproof

Last week we looked at our call to raise our children unto the Lord and for HIS purposes. We questioned whether we should have a Protection-First mentality or an Empowerment-Focused approach. We saw that the Protection-First mentality was not true to God’s call on our children’s life. (or ours for that matter) However, I did […]