Enjoy the Fruit!

It is harvest time; the time when we can see the results of all the hard work that all of you have done, students and parents alike. This is especially true for the senior families!

Last night we saw this in full at the Baccalaureate Service. (A worship service to give thanks for and celebrate lives dedicated to learning and wisdom.)

Nathanael Buus gave the exhortation for the students regarding the War for their Souls. He began by noting that parents have always been alert to the war for the souls of their children, but for many years shelter the children within the fortress of the family. He revealed how slowly, bit by bit, parents have been exposing their children to the realities outside the fortress. But now, as they graduate, they will be going outside that fortress and they need to be on guard against this war and the battle for their souls. He shared tips on how to fight outside the fortress. Full comments here.

The highlight of the evening was the time for the Parent Blessings. Each set of parents spoke into the life of their grown child. Some shared vivid memories from childhood. For example, Ciara Hull shared the first moment that the midwife placed Layla in her arms and her first words of blessing to her little girl. Likewise, the Buuses remembered the joy that five-month old Jake brought to the family with his belly laughs as Zach played with him.

Each set of parents had a scripture verse for their son or daughter; for many of them it was the verse chosen for their child at birth. Others wove scripture throughout their comments. The parents noted traits they had seen developing over the course of years and cast vision for their future. Tears flowed for many, in the audience as well.

I was impacted to see the bond between parent and child, forged through working and sharing together through the years of a Veritas University Model School. The fruit of this “experiment” was again on display. It reminded me of the Varsity Volleyball Senior Night. That night the young ladies spoke to their parents words of gratitude and blessing as well.

Tender, tender moments. Isn’t it great what God is providing as the fruit of the Good Hard Work?

Many in the world will never see this loving, caring, deep relationship between teens and parents. Many have bought the lie that it is inevitable for teens to rebel and be antagonistic toward mom and dad and treat them like the enemy.

Veritas is not easy, but it is worth it,

Christopher Barnes
Family Ministries Director

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