Blessings from Rigorous Training

Blessings from Rigorous Training! There were many blessings across the board during this year’s Paideia. Encouragement overflowed from Ellen Schuknecht’s ministry among us, parent to parent training was chock-filled with practical suggestions and inspiration for the home days, and the time to connect with one’s teacher informed expectations and surely laid a groundwork for future healthy relationships. It is good to know that we engage in rigor, just as we ask our children to do.
Four Takeaways from Vision Night: Ellen’s keynote message focused on four fruits of the University Model School: 

Transfer of Faith — due to the connection week in and week out in the satellite classroom, University Model Schools are seeing a strong transference of faith from parents to children. 

Biblical Enculturation — At Veritas and other UMS, students and parents are immersed in a Bible-centered, Christ-focused environment. 

Growth for Adults Too — Our shaping of our children/students is not a one-way street. As we struggle against our own flesh and as we learn brand new things from our children’s textbooks, we find that the UMS forces us all to grow, parents and teachers as well as our children 

Enduring Family Relationships — The crucible of the struggles of home teaching becomes the furnace for forging stronger family relationships, relationships that endure a lifetime and beyond. As growth happens, students begin to value the work done in their lives by their parents, even as the children fought against this shaping during the process. 

Ellen went into depth in each of these areas in her workshops with us. And then she circled back on these things in her Saturday morning wrap up. Many of us were struggling to absorb one more thing at the end of the conference, so I asked Ellen if she would send me her notes from her last talk. She did more than I asked, she put her thoughts in a letter to the Veritas community. I encourage you to read this note from Ellen to us, a much beloved sister school…
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