On the Same Team

I’ve spent some time watching your kids play during their lunch recess period. The Gaga Ball Pit is like a magnet, seeming to pull children from the ramada over to it as quickly as possible. After being assured that they did, indeed, eat their lunch first, I allow students to play.

Here are some of the rules I found for Gaga Ball: 1) All players start with one hand touching the wall of the pit. 2) Once the ball is in play, any player can hit the ball with an open or closed hand. 3) If a ball touches a player below the knee (even if the player hits himself or herself) he or she is out and leaves the pit. If a player is hit above the knees, the play continues. 4) If a ball is caught on a fly, the player who hit the ball is out. 5) Using the walls of the octagon to aid in jumping is legal as long as the player does not permanently sit on the ledge of the octagon. 6) Players cannot hold the ball. 7) The last player standing is the winner of that round.

Playing games can bring out some… interesting characteristics in human beings. If I’m being honest, my family members would tell you that I am highly competitive. Let’s just say that you probably wouldn’t look at me the same way if you’ve ever seen me in a fast-paced game of Dutch Blitz or Bananagrams (I’m working on it!). But being on a sports team or playing a game of Gaga Ball is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn good sportsmanship.

We are now entering into our official flag football and volleyball seasons at Veritas. What can we learn from the Bible about being a good sport?

I spent many years on bleachers and in lawn chairs watching my boys play baseball, soccer, and football. We still play games when we’re able to get together as a family. I’m grateful for all of the lessons they learned through being in sports and dealing with both victories and losses. As for me? I lost badly at Phase 10 on Friday night and did my best to handle it with grace. : )

Thankful we’re on the same team,


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