We are better together

At our Info Meetings, Christi often shares about the strength of working together in the process of making disciples. After covering the inner workings of the partnership between campus teacher and co-teacher, she then extols the benefits of the Veritas community, using as an illustration a phenomenon she observed on top of Mt. Lemmon.

One of the times they were at the peak as a family, they noticed these huge trees that had been uprooted and blown over. Ironically, there were some smaller trees, almost puny by comparison, that still stood on the wind-battered summit nearby. Why would these big trees with such massive roots be felled by the winds and these weaker trees had not been damaged?

They found out that the huge trees stood off by themselves and faced the buffeting of the storms and winds alone. Whereas, the grouping of the smaller trees allowed them to withstand the forces of nature. Underneath the rocky soil, the roots of the tight knit group had become interwoven. They were stronger together.

At Veritas, we promise to provide three things: Time, tools and community. Time: Our very structure allows parents to have a great deal of one-on-one time with their children as they work on their subjects together and have evenings more free from schoolwork than most students. Tools: Veritas provides the curriculum and textbooks, the lesson plans and the orientation and training needed to do a good job in the home classroom.

Community: This third piece depends on all of us — admin, teachers and parents alike. The godly tenor of our interactions with one another, the intentional words of encouragement, the transparency and authenticity, and caring for each other as we experience the challenges of living in this world all create an environment of support. Hebrews 10:25 states this as our reason for “not neglecting to meet together” — “encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near.”

In addition, be careful with the negatives. I remember Mr. McKinley commenting in teacher training that it is important to make deposits before making withdrawals; to provide affirmation before making complaints. Philippians 2:14 gives this strong word: “Do everything without grumbling or arguing,” While sometimes it is necessary to address negative concerns, may we all be cautious, constructive and gracious in our criticism.

We may not be as large as some schools, with all the bells and whistles, but let us excel in this area. We are stronger together.

God’s best, Christopher

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