We Are Veritas

One of the best ways for me to be reminded of the great gift that Veritas is for us is to talk with prospective parents. As these parents ask questions looking for what makes us special, I get to outline anew the things that we hold dear. One of them is that We Are Veritas. We don’t send our children TO school, we are the school. Each of us and all of us collectively.

This is what makes us unique. Parents and teachers and admin are team members together to strengthen our children and disciple them in the truth. This partnership makes this model of education transformative. As parents, you know that your classroom teacher will let you know when they see character problems cropping up in class. And teachers know that they can expect back up when there are problems — whether an academic or behavior problem.
On top of that, the teachers know each student. Obviously, the home teacher knows each child as well as one can. But our campus teachers also personally know each of their students. They pray over them and listen to God’s guidance in working with them.
When it comes to academics, parents and teachers can put their heads together to ensure that each child is challenged to the fullest or is being accommodated when needed. Recent performance in class and home can be analyzed and plans to meet the need of your child can be fit more easily in this system than most.
When I was a pastor and Christian school founder, I wished that something like this existed. Though our school in Illinois was a good one, it lacked this kind of partnership. As a homeschooling Dad, this was also a great educational experienced, but we would have loved to have other adult role models to reinforce the values and lessons from home.
We Are Veritas in the extra curricular areas as well. Parents serve as tremendous coaches and advisers alongside with staff. The success of these partnerships are visible to outsiders.
Thank you for what you do, what you bring to the table to make Veritas unique, and for your deep concern for one another and prayers for your campus partners. God’s best, Christopher
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