Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

I know that this is such an often used phrase that is almost a cliché, but it is still true. And we saw a great picture of this during Paideia. We had one of our best training conferences ever And this was thanks to the work of many, many people doing a wide range of things!
We had great speakers, many of them in-house Veritas folks, as well as local Tucson believers with mature hearts for the Lord and for our school. We had a never-ending flow of food and goodies. Nearly all of the classrooms were set up for sessions, including technology to Zoom record. We had the best clean up people ever including admin assistants and volunteers to go in after every session and restore and clean a room for the next group. Copies, copies and more copies were made throughout, name tags helped all get acquainted more effectively, folders were stuffed so each person had what they needed, decorations helped refresh every room and reinforce the theme, etc. The attention to details was amazing!
Teamwork Made the Dream Work!
One of the things I enjoyed was the volunteer parade from Friday morning. As I listened to each person share the opportunity in each niche of need, I was amazed about all of the little things that make up success of the larger picture. When every part does its work, the whole body is equipped and grows together in love — Eph. 4:16.
May I encourage you to join the parade of volunteers that will make the dream of Veritas work this year. See the list of opportunities below and the contact people as well. God’s best, Christopher
Abundant Families- Becca Kopas

Moms in Prayer- Amy Klumpp

Science Monday- Dawn Parker
Team Agape- Amy Klumpp
Lunch Monitors- Ciara Hull
Moms Coffee- Amber Elmer
Event Planning- Farrah Silva
Art Aides – Margo Killion
New Family Welcome- Gabi Sarok
Connect Care & Family Ministry- Christopher Barnes
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